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Custom built enterprise software can be a risky undertaking, but Core Technology’s collaborative, prototype-driven approach to software design and development creates Certainty of Outcome. We focus on results, and we tailor the solution to your particular needs.


Validate for Certainty

If you have an idea for solving a business problem with a software solution, or if you are working with software that isn’t achieving its goals or its potential, Core Technology can work with you to develop a prototype that will create early validation that the solution is solving the business challenges.

When you require an enterprise application that reflects your brand, is customised to your business needs, and offers high user satisfaction, you need to work in a way that produces Certainty of Outcome. You need to collaborate with Core Technology.

Early prototype exploration for Gen3 Media Marketing application.
meeting in progress

A key requirement for us was the ability to build and fully integrate a custom software solution that would integrate quickly and seamlessly with our existing back office system.

Mark Tadecicco, Head of Asset Finance NZ, BNZ

Projects Come in Different Flavours

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A Prototype to Get the Ball Rolling

Many projects begin with a prototype designed to validate the viability of a concept or to approach investors for funding. This is best done with a fully functional prototype. Core works with you in a collaborative, consultative manner that efficiently creates a working software experience that validates for the business and for users that the application will successfully address the business problem.

We work with you to determine how much functionality is required at this point to achieve the goals of the project. Sometimes a key workflow of the app for a particular type of user is sufficient, and sometimes the complete user experience needs to be modelled.

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A Complete App to Solve a Big Problem

When the assignment is a complete solution to your business problem, our full service approach to the project is put to work. The key to efficiency in Core’s development process is that the technology used to build the prototype, the working software experience, is not thrown away – it lives on as the technical foundation for the finished application.

Now that we know that the solution design meets business needs and user expectations early on in the project, we can flow smoothly and quickly into the full build phase of the project.

icon legacy assets

More Capability for an Existing System

One of Core Technology’s specialties is to work with your business units and IT teams to extend the value of the applications and data you already have. No matter how complex the infrastructure or what software you are currently using, we can integrate new functionality into those systems, introducing new capabilities or enhancing existing ones.

Finding ways to unlock value from or work more efficiently with your data can result in new opportunities for you and your customers. This begins with a results-focused collaboration that designs a business solution on top of technology design, not the other way around.

A gazillion devices

Applications designed for multiple form factors

Creating applications that run on today’s wide variety of form factors has become a necessity in today’s environment. With apps living in the cloud, people bringing their own devices to work, and organisations wanting to provide public access to their applications, the usability and technical considerations can be complex.

Each form factor must work to the strengths and usage styles of that particular device, recognising the limits of smaller devices.

Medic Alert Apps
The prototype for the MedicAlert® Portal was designed for multiple devices.

Adding Core Consultancy Staff to your Team

Core Technology has a long history of working in close consultation with clients to align their IT infrastructure and processes with their business strategies and with other areas of their organisation. Our consultants are involved in short term and long term engagements with a wide variety of private and public sector clients. This work ranges from business analysis to infrastructure development to user experience design.


Whether you are looking to take your business to the Cloud, gain operational efficiencies or enhance your technology environment’s speed or security, Core Technology’s experienced consultants can work with you in a variety of ways to achieve your goals. Contact us to discuss how we can help you out.

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